BIOPHICS statistical staff has experiences in analysing different study designs, from PK study, all phases of clinical trials, to cohort/case-control study and longitudinal studies.  They have done small scale study to the very large amount of variables and sample size study.

The simple and complex methods are used corresponding to the pretest statistical analysis plan (SAP).  Reports are customized to client’s needs including study monitoring report, interim/final data analysis report, IND report, and report as per client’s ad-hoc request.

The computerized system used in any clinical research at the center had been validated for both data management and data analysis functionalities. All necessary documents required under regulated clinical research environment are in place and ready for audit. In terms of data analysis, the center utilizes several statistical analysis packages including SAS and Stata. Our database programmers and biostatistician will work out the data format and analysis plan with the clients to determine what is/are the requirements needed for the particular study.

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