BIOPHICS has experiences in managing clinical and observational studies as well as developing surveillance systems as shown in the following examples:

Clinical Trials

- 2 Major Phase III trials to determine the efficacy of HIV//AIDS vaccine. The first trial included 2542 volunteers. The Phase III trial is considered as the world largest trial with over 25,000 screened and 16402 enrolled.

 - Phase III trials to determine efficacy of influenza drugs

 - Phase I and Phase II HIV/AIDS vaccine trials

 - Phase I/II clinical trials of malarial drug

 - PK studies on oncology drugs

 - Adverse drug reactions among nephrotic patients

 - Studies on treatment efficacy for drug/alcohol addicts


Observational Studies

- Cohort study to determine febrile and dengue episodes among 3225 school children

 - Studies of human and animal Leptospirosis in endemic areas

 - Disease registry and follow-up studies for stroke patients

 - Health economic studies measuring burden and cost of illness/diseases in Anogenital Wart, Herpes

 - Studies on adherence to treatment in schizophrenia patients


Surveillance System Development

- Tracking system for volunteers monitoring absentee and febrile cases in dengue cohort

 - Application of Smart Phone in "Better Border Healthcare Program" (BBHP)

 - Prototype of Active Surveillance System for Enteric Disease (Thai-Myanmar Border Model)

 - Regional Active Disease Surveillance System for Tropical Disease in MBDS Countries


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projcet5 projcet6

Database/Software Development

- Database management software for National External Quality Assessment Scheme in chemical clinic, hematology, clinical microbiology, and clinical microscopy

 - Database management software for managing Babies Home

 - Database management software for managing hazardous substances & waste

 - Online questionnaire to capture text-voice-image for use in remote areas.



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